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keep taxes low


West Dundee maintains the lowest effective tax rate among all of our neighboring communities. The plan is to keep it that way through thoughtful economic development and efficient service delivery--as has been done through Mayor Nelson's first three terms in office.


keep service levels high


Excellent community development, public works, and public safety services define West Dundee. Mayor Nelson and the Village Board have sought to ensure that the delivery of such services remain at the high level that residents demand while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

keep the future bright

A challenging present and a complex future require the strong and experienced leadership that President Nelson has demonstrated since taking office in 2013. He and the village team have been successful in securing over $500 million in private investment over three terms; this development and the revenues it generates helps to pay for everything from roads to public safety services to snowplows. Mayor Nelson will to continue to be focused on the professional management of the one level government--municipal government--that affects the lives of West Dundee residents every single day.

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